Hostgator reseller coupon - All you need to know

Hostgator Reseller Coupon - All you need to know
Hostgator reseller coupon are fast coming up as the new way to go in ensuring that websites remain relevant and at cheaper cost. These reseller coupons enable a client to be in a position to provide a web hosting service to other clients. The reseller plan gives the clients software that will prove a reliable tool in the management and operational techniques that are required in order to run a website. 

HostGator Coupon Codes 2015 - Do you need it?

HostGator Coupon Codes 2015Just copy and paste our codes below when checking out.

To save $9.94, use  NEW2013XLD994 (save $9.94 on any web hosting package) To save 25% off, use  NEW2013XLD025 (25% off any hosting order) To save $24.94 off reseller, use COUPONCLERKS2494 ($24.94 off your first month)

TIP: When purchasing a hosting package for a longer period (12+ months) you should use the coupon that saves you 25% as this will amount to massive savings which increases according to the period that you choose to pay for.

Note: Just copy & paste our codes above. Be sure to delete the default coupon.

How to Setup Nameservers on Your Domain Name

Setting up nameservers can be done in two ways: regular or custom. For the majority of users, the regular setup is the preferred option.

Regular Name Server Configuration
The process is very simple. The nameservers are given by your web hosting provider. It typically looks like or something similar. Take note that the digits are going to vary because customers have their own name servers.

Hostgator promo codes for Dedicated Servers

Using Hostgator promo codes for Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers are the most expensive of all web hosting plans, but you can significantly pay less when you use Hostgator promo codes, if you are a new customer. These dedicated servers come with more advanced features that can provide for extremely sophisticated and complex websites, yet you would not have to increase your budget that much when you use a Hostgator discount code.

Getting Started with Your Website: What You Need to Know

Getting started with your website can be a tough process. But setting up a site has become easier with the many tools and resources available at your disposal. Basically you need to get a domain name (Use coupon codes if you have it, I prefer finding coupon at, select a web host, design and test the site. And the final step is to get people to visit your site.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is very important. Unfortunately, it usually isn’t given enough thought. Because they are readily available, webmasters buy them without much consideration. Certain elements have to be assessed beforehand though, such as the following: